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Ready, set, blog!

Hey everyone! So excited to launch our new fashion and home decor blog 'Like a Breeze' Our goal is to inspire you with colourful and positive vibes, through fashion and home decor. We'll be sharing styling tips, DIY projects, and of course, our latest arrivals. So be sure to check back often, and don't forget to follow us on social media, so let's ready, set, blog!

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Blogging about everything in fashion, home decoration and lifestyle.

Breezes is all about fashion with a colourful attitude. We believe that fashion should be fun and expressive, and our collection of clothes, accessories and home decor reflects that. Whether you're looking for something to brighten up your day or to add a pop of colour to your outfit, Breezes has you covered.


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Coastal Laid back charm, colourful fashion and home decoration. A shop for those who love colour and Summer vibes all year round!

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Breezes accepts all major credit cards

Breezes accepts all major credit cards

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